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Rosa Rica wishes all mothers a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

So it is that time of year again, where every child goes out of their way and into stores in search of a gift so special for the woman they first laid eyes on. 

Whether it may be pampering her by helping with the cooking and household chores, or by gifting her something meaningful and oh so extravagant, Mother’s Day has always been a day that both mother and child look forward to. 

Source: Office Holidays

Fortunately for all you children out there, young and not-as-young, we at Rosa Rica have literally just found you the ultimate gift for your mother this Mother’s Day, and it’s beyond brilliant. 

Our 100% Pure Essential Oils is not only the RIGHT gift, but it is also the ONLY gift you should be getting your mom this Mother’s Day. 


Why you ask? Here’s five reasons:

✔ It is 100% natural and pure
✔ It is extremely affordable
✔ It comes in so many different scents
✔ It does wonders for your mind, body and soul
✔ It can be purchased online without Covid-19 worries

But the most important reason why you should already be adding this to your cart is because, we have a Mother’s Day promo that is only valid till the 10th of May 2020! 

The promo gifts you with a FREE raw silk pouch that is worth RM48, if you were to purchase any two 100% Pure Essential Oils from our Mother's Day Collection. 

Unfortunately though, it is only while limited stocks lasts. That being said, hurry now and dive into our collection, because it is definitely worth your buy, and I promise you, your mothers will be happy. 

Or you could choose to reward yourself instead simply because YOU DESERVE IT TOO.

Click here to get our Mother's Day Promo now!

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